Demco Electronics
10516 Grevillea Avenue
Inglewood, California 90304
Phone: (310) 677-0801     Fax: (310) 674-5445
Established in 1974.

   Since making our mark in the self-storage industry with a gate access control system in 1988. Demco Electronics has enjoyed a reputa­tion for quality products and personal service. Demco Electronics was founded by its president and chief engineer, Darrell Hoblack, in 1975 as a specialty computer hardware manufacturer.

   In 1988, Public Storage Inc. approached Demco Electronics with an interesting yet challenging proposal. Public Storage basically asked us to design a better gate access control system since they were dissatisfied with the systems they had been using. They required a system that would be far more reliable than what they were presently using, and would interface with their facilities accounting software package.

   The first challenge was to find a quality keypad, since keypad failure was the area Public Storage was having the most problems. Vandalism and weather, including lightning strikes, had easily taken its toll on the keypads they had been using. After much investigation in the electronics market place, Mr. Hoblack came to the conclusion that he would have to manu­facture his own key­pad. Demco Electronics is the only manufacturer that actually manufactures their own keypads. The Demco keypad is moisture­ resistant and features all-metal keys. The housing is constructed of 1/8-inch thick galvanized steel. With it’s unique 3 stage lightning protection package Demco has distinguished itself as a leader in the industry.

   Other designed in features include: Full power failure recovery, battery backup memory and clock, operates independently from the facility computer, lightning surge protection for all the devices, not only the keypads, and many physical considerations such as large enclosures for easy of installation and service. The other components of the Demco systems were also designed with reliability in mind. The Hallmark of quality products are that they are easy to install, reliable and easy to use.

   Demco Electronics stands proudly behind its products by offering top-notch customer service support indefinitely. Demco's customer phone support allows most managers to maintain the system without a costly service call. If a Demco product should need to be replaced, Demco will exchange the part and send a replacement within 24 hours.

   Demco has expanded its product base to include many new and unique items to further help your self storage facility provide greater security and reliability for your customers.
Darrell Hoblack
President / CEO
Rina Fallin
Vice President