Retro-Fittable Door Monitoring System Features
  • Retro-Fittable to Existing Facilities
  • Tamper Resistant
  • Easy to Install and Service
  • Less Expensive than Wireless Systems
  • Not Influenced by External Signals
  • Door Switch Features
  • Door switch sensor tested for greater than 3,000,000 cycles
  • NEO 35 magnet (Neodymium Iron Boron) for increased air gap
  • Resistant to both mechanical and magnetic tampering
  • Constructed with rugged plastic for long life and reliable service
  • Adjustable sensor and magnet assemblies for accurate installation
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Multiplexer Features
  • Monitors and reports cable shorts or opens
  • Separate terminal board for easier installation resulting in increased reliability and maintainability
  • Handles up to 128 switches
  • Capable of sensing all types of switches
  • Lightning Surge protection built-in

  • Demco Door Monitoring Outperforms Both Hard Wired and Wireless Systems

       Door alarm systems have historically been based on having magnetic sensors placed on the inside of each unit's door. These systems have been very successful, but have the inherent problem of not being retro-fittable on existing facilities and not easily serviceable after initial installation since the sensor and cabling are sealed inside the customer locked units. To overcome these problems, wireless systems have become popular since the sensors are located outside the units. Wireless systems have their own inherent problems of being more expensive and more problematic. They are influenced by weather, radars, cell sites, hospital equipment, etc. These installations also require specially trained installation and service personnel.

       Demco Electronics has developed a new approach to the problem. We have designed a new sensor/multiplexer combination which delivers all of the advantages of both wired and wireless sysetms with none of their disadvantages. Moving the sensor and magnet to the outside of the unit resolves the installation and repair problems associated with a standard hard wired system. Protecting the sensor and cabling from being tampered with allows the system to be installed on new sites as well as retro-fitted to existing sites. Demco's new sensor/multiplexer will trigger an alarm condition if an external magnet is brought near the sensor or the cable is shorted or opened.

       Incorporating these two features reults in a door monitoring system that can be mounted external to the units, allows for retro-fitting of door monitoring systems on existing facilities, and also enables the installer to use the installation and diagnostic procedures of the older hardwired systems.

    Demco Electronics has brought together the best of both standard hard wired and wireless systems to produce the next generation of door monitoring systems for both new construction and existing facilities.
    Feature Hardwired Wireless Demco System
    Retro-fittable to existing facilities  
    Cost effective equipment  
    Door sensors easily serviceable  
    System problems easily resolved  
    Lightning resistant sensor    
    Resistant to external influences  
    Resistant to tampering  
    Sensor cannot be easily destroyed  
    Easy to install