Does your system interface to my computer?
Our Access Control and Facility Control Systems will interface to all PC's and PC clones.
My computer does not have a Serial Port, can I use your Access Control Systems?
You can connect our system to your USB port, by purchasing a USB to Serial adapter. You will also need a 25 pin to 9 pin adapter if you are using our Gate Access Control System. See the Serial to USB Adapter.doc in the Download section of the site for further information and adapter recommendations.
Does your system run under Microsoft Windows?
The Demco Electronics systems run under Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7.
Does your system interface with my Self-Storage Management System?
Demco Electronics has an interface with most popular Self-Storage Management Systems.
If we do not have an interface with your particular system, Demco will provide our interfacing specifications to your particular Self-Storage Management System so one can be written.
Why have an access control system?
Having an access control system gives the client a feeling of security, allowing you to charge slightly more than your competition. More importantly to you, is the ability to collect rents on time and minimize skipouts.
Why should my system have a controller external to the PC?
PC based control systems, may not automatically self correct, when the PC crashes.
When a power failure occurs, your hard drive may be destroyed, if the PC's hard drive is used for data storage.
PC based system are difficult to service, since neither your gate service person nor your PC service person will have a complete knowledge of the entire system.
Do I need a lightning protection for my system?
Demco Electronics strongly recommends lightning protection. If your system is struck by lightning, most manufacturers will consider this an act of God, and not repair or replace the system even if under warranty.