Gate Access Control System
The one to buy, when you only want to buy one !

Managers Features:
Supports Automatic Delinquency Lockout when interfaced to your Self-Storage Management Software.
Customer Alert feature announces when a customer of particular interest is entering the facility.
At closing, the manager can request a report of any customers still on site.
Access History Report can be displayed on the computer screen, printed, or saved to the disk for future reference.
Anti Passback feature denies customer entrance or exit without proper key-in.
Three Modes of Operation:
1. Connected directly to a printer
2. Connected to your facility computer
3. Interfaced to your Self Storage Management Software
Access Control Computer
The system will automatically correct most system anomalies.
Also contains a 10 years battery baked up memory and clock, preventing loss of access codes, access history and correct time due to the power failures.
Unique Junction Box
The Junction Box interfaces Access Control Computer, keypads and the gate operator, making installation and service easy.
Durable and Rugged Keypads
All metal keys and latex membrane protect the switches from dirt, moisture and chemical corrosion. Keypad housings are made of 1/8'' solid steel.
Manual Gate Override
Will open or hold gate open without interfering with facility computer operation.
Best Lightning Protection In The Industry
Lightning Protection option for both keypads and junction boxes is built into the hardware, eliminating additional installation costs!
The lightning protection package will dissipate15,000 volts / 5,000 amps.
Security Features:
Three-try shutdown prevents illegal entry.
The possibility of inputting a valid access code by chance is approximately 1 in 10,000.
Banging the keypad housing, shorting or opening the wires to the keypad will not cause false gate opening.
The Access Control Computer stores information detailing all accesses or attempted accesses.
System Features:
The hardware and software are preconfigured, eliminating the need for time consuming and confusing procedures.
Reports can be generated without interrupting normal gate operation.
One of eight access time periods can be assigned to each customer, including 24 hour access and no access (lock out).
System Status Test verifies complete system performance, including all keypads.
The system can be interfaced with a Vehicle Sensing System to deny access when a vehicle is not present at the gate.
Clock Features:
Automatically adjusts for month with less then 31 days, and for leap years.
The system can be preset to add or subtract one hour at 2:00 a.m. to accommodate Daylight Savings time changes.
Selectable 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 24 hours grace period for exit.
Weekday and Weekend operating hours can be different.
The Access Control Computer holds 2,000 access codes and the last 850 Access History Records. Expandable to 2,600 Access Codes and 1,500 Access History Records.
The system can simultaneously handle 4, 5, 6 or 7 digits access codes.
One year full warranty on parts and labor when returned to manufacturer.
Service Policy:
Demco always provides next day air replacement of any parts needed for service - even when the warranty has expired!