Retro-Fittable Door Monitoring System Features
Demco Electronics introduces another addition to their product line, the Wireless Network.

The Wireless Network consists of a Master Transceiver and one or more Slave Transceivers.

This transceiver set up produces a wireless link between the main security system and one or more secondary security systems.

The Wireless Transceivers allow the network signals to transverse unexcessable areas such as public streets, railroad tracks, private property and other areas where hard wiring is impractical or prohibited.

Another application for the Wireless Network is to use the transceivers to cross driveways where a under-ground conduit was not installed as part of the original installation. This situation may arise as part of the installation of Demco's Retro-Fittable Door Monitoring system.

Wireless Transceiver Features
  • Range 1/4 mile in city environment or up to 7 miles line of sight.

  • All plastic construction increases range and reduces maintenance.

  • Completely sealed from both the front and rear.

  • Easy to mount with built-in mounting tabs.

  • Built-in antenna or an external antenna can be added to increase range.

  • Frequency hopping spread sprectrum transceiver technology.

  • FCC approved with no further licensing or approval required.